TOP 5 Virtual Data Room Providers Comparison

If your company still does not use data room technologies, while you would like to increase sales using such a system, then this article is for you. Data room can increase sales and form and maintain good relationships with contractors. So, what is the best data room vendor?

The review of the leading data room providers

Day by day, more and more companies are appearing on the markets, which is becoming more and more competitive. In this regard, it is impossible to deny that your company needs a solid strategy that will allow you to maximize sales and maintain contact with your customers, right? The virtual data room provides effective organization and control of business processes based on workflow technology: approval of documents, processing of complex orders, preparation and holding of meetings, support of the sales cycle, and other interactive processes.

The list of the top 5 most preferred data room vendors includes:

    1. iDeals data room is a recognized leader in its segment. The largest holdings, corporations, and small businesses successfully carry out document circulation and office work. It is a universal platform with a modern interface for automating document flow and companies’ business processes in various business areas.
    2. Intralinks is a cloud-based platform for the daily work of employees, managing documents and tasks through the secure corporate portal of the organization. The software makes the entire document flow transparent, controllable, and standardized, offering uniform templates for documents of all types and automating the most labor-intensive and critical areas.
    3. Digify is a digital solution for managing business contacts, meetings, purchases, and other documents or tasks and automating related processes. The software leads to an increase in employees’ productivity, facilitating access to information for making management decisions, improving executive discipline, and therefore, to a general improvement in the quality of management.
    4. Firmex is an effective, proven tool that allows you to solve various problems, including automating business processes and enterprise document management. The software is designed to organize workflow, manage tasks and control the fulfillment of contractual obligations.
    5. Securedocs is a file-share data room intended for accounting of documents of the organization, their coordination and execution, regulation of business processes, providing access to information, and accounting for counterparties and contracts.

What is common and different?

The artificial intelligence technology embedded in these data room solutions allows you to effectively control financial flows, establish executive discipline, and increase the reliability of data storage during business transactions. In addition, the systems can be easily adapted to many other tasks related to document processing using built-in settings, development of additional modules, and integration with other systems.

So, let’s determine the main differences between these data room vendors:

    • The main advantage of Securedocks, which distinguishes this program from competitors, is the optimal combination of the product’s price and its functionality capabilities.
    • iDeals is a universal solution suitable for most business sectors. Deals here can be added manually or set to be automatically created after the user performs a certain action.
    • The emphasis of Intralinks architectural solutions is the integration of solutions based on the data room, system scalability, the ability to integrate into the infrastructure of an organization’s information system, flexibility, system extensibility, and the ability to create distributed solutions.
    • Firmex has no industry specifics and can be effectively used both in the public sector and in commercial enterprises, whether a distributed holding structure with a large number of users or a small enterprise. Being universal, the program can be easily customized and adapted to the specifics of a particular organization.